Dental Lab

John Martinez was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and has been a Dental Lab Technician for over 40 years. He opened his own lab, Bay Area Dental Ceramics, in 1997. He specializes in Porcelain Fused to Metal, Gold, direct milling and milling lab for EMax, Zirconia and Bruxzir crowns and bridges.

He has worked closely with Dr. Welch for over twenty years and is in the same building complex as him. John and Dr. Welch have invested in advanced technology to create state of the art crowns.  Using 3D imaging, Dr. Welch takes a digital picture of the prepared tooth with a CEREC camera. This picture is used instead of traditional impressions. The computer and CEREC 3D software convert the digital picture to a 3-dimensional virtual model of the prepped tooth. Typically, the crown is fabricated and placed the same day.

Dr. Welch enjoys this system because of the accuracy that the computer creates. He also enjoys John’s lab artistry for his perfect shading skills and ability to change shade, if necessary.

John Martinez is a very established Lab Technician and Dr. Welch feels very fortunate to have worked so closely with him for so long.

John Martinez dental lab technician
John Martinez
John Martinez dental lab technician